Fight or flight ?…🥊

Blood,pain, sweat and tears,

I haven’t worked so hard in years !

But look at the results already,

Prepare to be amazed they are so big and bulky.

Arney would be so proud,

Fighting our battles standing out from the crowd.

Look at all the muscular definition,

Rambo these are my guns, I got my ammunition.

Say goodbye to those bingo wings,

Not carrying around useless wobbly things.

I’m ready to face the world today,

Don’t get in my way or it’ll be a high price to pay.

I was weak but now I’m getting strong,

Was lost but now I finding out where I belong.

I shall flex my big guns with pride,

I’ve worked hard on them I’m not hiding anymore at home, alone, inside.

Joanne Quinnell

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