• Blank Canvas

    Blank Canvas

    Sometimes you just feel like your life is a battle. Every day brings a new set of challenges and fears. We tend to compare our lives to those around us . I mean it’s difficult not to with social media sites with lots of perfect pictures of perfect people with very perfect lives. Let me…

  • To Listen

  • Nearly met the big guy….

    In October our family’s world was turned upside down by covid. Very rapidly my husband and me became seriously ill. We both had to go into hospital and fight for our lives . My husband although still poorly managed to get home after a week, I had to be put in a coma for 5…

  • Please Daddy, Mummy wake Up !!!

    Please Daddy, Mummy wake Up !!!

    What are we going to do ? I’m talking to everyone, that includes you. We can’t go on living this way , Locked away in our houses watching our lives fade away. Refusal of a drug on trial that doesn’t work, But without it you can’t socialise or find a job to work. People are…

  • A little story about me ….. pink hair and pink docs !!!!

  • Has The World Gone Mad?

    Has The World Gone Mad?

    The world has gone mad ! These covid 19 restrictions are making me sad. I’m no mathematician but the numbers just don’t make sense. Sure it’s a nasty virus but it’s fatal to less than 1 percent . So please tell me why we are being told to stay home ? The only contact allowed…

  • Watch “URGENT UPDATE: Societal Damage from Bad Science, not the Virus? Why are they doing this?” on YouTube

  • Change, Unity, Wakeup

    Change, Unity, Wakeup

    What is happening? The world has gone crazy! The Queen’s apparently abdicated, Hello to a possible King John III it’s meant to be prophecy. Donald Trump is Draining the swamp , All those wicked politicians and senators will be gone. Patriots and digital warriors are spreading the news, Listen, can you hear them wake up…

  • Some of my arty farty stuff!!

    Some of my arty farty stuff!!

    Thankyou for looking at my art work . Hope you like it . Joanne Quinnell

  • Twenty Years Ago Today !!

    Twenty Years Ago Today !!

    The gifts to celebrate twenty years off marriage Are china, platinum or the gemstone emerald if you’re rich. I’m just grateful we got to this day As twenty years ago, the whole day nearly got thrown away. You see thirty four weeks pregnant and I was waddling around Contractions clearly on the monitor going up…

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