Carers week my thoughts ,not holding back ………

It’s great to see blackpool carers and young carers representing what it’s like to live in the roles they do and raise issues in parliament . It’s also so fantastic to see all the support that they are getting from MPs radio stations and lots of charities.

It’s so disappointing that for carers week Barnardos the organisation that is supposed to be supporting Fleetwood Wyre and Fylde launched a fashion magazine.

It’s disappointing that we have no support from our local MP or local people or businesses . The activities planned for young carers in Fleetwood Wyre and Fylde for this week I’m sorry to say are

I’m feel bad and another mum and myself are trying to change it but we really need help.

These kids are important. These kids are missing out . These kids deserve support and a childhood that circumstance has robbed them of.

Nobody seems to care about young carers in Fleetwood Wyre and Fylde or socially isolated families .

Please can someone help this is so wrong.

If we can organise regular events at places once a month say each month. Get enough local companies to offer their services once a month ,then maybe we can get a time table together.

It’s going to need volunteers and community spirit to get it going though. If we don’t believe in these children, who will. They are already in places that there isn’t much to do.

I’m not asking for money, I’m asking for a little time, time and investment into the future of the next generation who are ultimately going to be damaged if they don’t get support and interaction like children should.

Joanne Quinnell

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