A Wasted Trip?

What a nightmare today has been so far! Up at 6.30am and poor Hubby didnt finish work until 2.30am so he was a right grump. Had to get the little ones up too as we needed to take them with us because we had nobody to babysit them. It was a nightmare!!

You see Annabelle my 15year old has a problem with her shoulder dislocating . I mentioned in my blog yesterday that we were at the hospital. She doesn’t need to do anything for it to pop out either. We have only just needed to go to A&E recently because before when her muscles relaxed eventually it went back in but it’s not on it’s own now.

They had tried gas and air in A&E but the it didn’t work so the plan was to put her under using General Anaesthetic today.

So we arrived today and we see a Dr Elbo who’s the on call surgeon working on the adolescent children’s ward at Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

One of the first things that I found reassuring was when he said , ” When i was reviewing the case notes last night “. Oh my Lord what a shocker I knew this guy was going to at least be familiar with my daughter’s problems and we’d only been waiting in the room for 15minutes he wasn’t young ( sorry Dr Elbo) so he wasn’t just keen ,he was just a bloody good Doctor!!!!

So he had reviewed the notes and discussed them with a colleague, we discussed them and it made sense to us that actually with Annabelle’s shoulder popping out through nothing it’s better as she is not in discomfort, it doesn’t look too displaced at the moment, so just to strap it more secure and wait for the MRI (next Wednesday) because who’s to say that 10mins after she’s had the general anaesthetic it won’t pop out again. If she’s going to have the general anaesthetic it should just be ultimately to fix the problem.

So do I think it was a wasted trip apsolutely NOT . Dr Elbo is a credit to Blackpool Victoria Hospital . I trusted him . Unlike in the clinics where I’ve felt Annabelle’s has just been like cattle at a cattle market sometimes. So thankyou for your time and looking after my little girl this morning.

Joanne Quinnell

Believe and Achieve !

So this was it the moment has come.

I was so excited as I’d been working towards this from day one.

The kids were so eager to set off

Cycle helmets on drink and grub in their backpacks to scoff.

I looked at my handtrike and had a little scare

It’s so low to the ground how the ekkers can I get down there?!

One hand on the fence the other on hubby

I squatted legs a kimbo and lowered down slowly.

Already knackered I’d had enough for that day

But I also wanted to get my ventilator on to help me to breath so we could go have a play.

All straps and tubes connected, so we set off to go

The happiness I felt inside was incredible, immeasurable it would overflow.

It was real tricky at first as it was so weird to steer.

Oh and bloody hell I’m never going to understand what is going on with those gears.

I felt free ,yes me ,free don’t you see.

Not being pushed or using battery power it was me .

I was in control . I was steering and going fast

I was doing an activity with my children at last.

Joining in like a normal mum,

Not feeling like I stick out like a sore thumb.

Most of all we were having lots of fun.

Joanne Quinnell

I got ill 7/8 years ago after having my last baby. At first I was put on oxycontin a strong painkiller and was like a zombie for years I got off it and am now trying to regain some physical strength. I know my illness won’t disappear but it’s not having all of me. I was lucky to have a doctor that tried different medication with me which helped. I’m plodding on . I go to the gym . I love it . It’s like rehabilitation but it’s great to be active again. Don’t be frightened to try new things, have a go . It took me 5 months to get strong enough to ride a handbike . But better than sitting in a chair for 6 years. That was the first time I’d ridden a bike with the younger kids. I felt normal it was nice.