Please Daddy, Mummy wake Up !!!

What are we going to do ?

I’m talking to everyone, that includes you.

We can’t go on living this way ,

Locked away in our houses watching our lives fade away.

Refusal of a drug on trial that doesn’t work,

But without it you can’t socialise or find a job to work.

People are dying from these drugs but we do nothing and turn a blind eye.

Doctors you should be ashamed of yourself that oath is tainted with the biggest lie.

The world is changing our leaders are puppets not in control doing what they are told.

We are casualties in this war ,mass genocide, depopulation, the great reset whether young or old.

Do you see what is happening yet ? Are you awake ? Or are you going to just let this happen,

Watch thousands be murdered our children too all for the industrial revolution.

We can stop this if we unite on a global scale,

Stop letting them control us. Listen to your hearts your souls their plan will fail.

Joanne Quinnell

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Has The World Gone Mad?

The world has gone mad !

These covid 19 restrictions are making me sad.

I’m no mathematician but the numbers just don’t make sense.

Sure it’s a nasty virus but it’s fatal to less than 1 percent .

So please tell me why we are being told to stay home ?

The only contact allowed with family and friends is over the phone.

No cuddles with grandkids or trips to the park,

Just distance between people at least 2 metres apart.

Treatments stopped at hospitals leaving people seriously ill or in pain.

If you really think that this is all because of a virus you need to think again .

Look up the Great Reset , the 4th revolution that has been planned.

You will own nothing! No property or land .

Bringing out vaccines that change your dna to test on you like a rat .

Just remember that you have been warned about that !!!!

You can say “no” and take back control.

United we stand strong and let’s declare freedom for all !!

Joanne Quinnell

Change, Unity, Wakeup

What is happening?

The world has gone crazy!

The Queen’s apparently abdicated,

Hello to a possible King John III it’s meant to be prophecy.

Donald Trump is Draining the swamp ,

All those wicked politicians and senators will be gone.

Patriots and digital warriors are spreading the news,

Listen, can you hear them wake up please don’t be fooled.

As the main stream media are complicit in  waging a war ,

Hand in hand with the deepstate who’ll soon be no more.

Stirring up trouble between blacks and whites,

Protests ,vandalism ,violence and more loss of lives .

Remember what is so different but the colour of your skin?

We’re equal, your body’s only a vessel your mind is held in.

Started all over a mysterious man made  plague ….

Called covid 19  which is being  handled terribly im afraid.

Disinformation ,lockdowns and businesses made to close,

Mortgages unpaid,  bankruptcy and demands from food banks grows.

Look around you,wake up, there is a change going on,

A New World Order a Fourth Industrial revolution we must resist it doesn’t belong.

So stand strong, hold the line don’t worry if you fall….

Because we’ll catch you Where We One We Go All 💓

Joanne Quinnell

Some of my arty farty stuff!!

My Grandson Arlo . He’s always frowning.
My children from a few years ago . One of my favourite photos.
A picture I did for a friend.

Thankyou for looking at my art work . Hope you like it .

Joanne Quinnell

Twenty Years Ago Today !!

The gifts to celebrate twenty years off marriage

Are china, platinum or the gemstone emerald if you’re rich.

I’m just grateful we got to this day

As twenty years ago, the whole day nearly got thrown away.

You see thirty four weeks pregnant and I was waddling around

Contractions clearly on the monitor going up and down

Stuck in the hospital on the eve of my wedding

Uncertainty, however I was determined legs crossed it would be happening

The Doctors said we will see how you go

Then I slipped in the bathroom trying to shave my legs oh no !

Luckily there was no further injuries

Just a waiting game to see if I was going to become a mum or a Mrs

The morning came the Dr said, “there’s not much happening below love you’d better go get into your dress !”

I waddled along and got in a taxi

Thankfully my sister in law was there to help dress me.

A simple wedding on such a beautiful, glorious day

I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Joanne Quinnell

March 11th 2020

Me prior to meeting hubby . Sailing, abseiling a life of adventure
My husband is a master of martial arts. He’s the one in the middle .
Hubby and me

My children
My children and father in law


How does that make YOU feel?

Trapped in their homes, not allowed out to enjoy their independence spending time with loved ones.

Teenagers that can’t socialize with friends.

Parents who can’t take their children to school or watch that school play.

Families that can’t spend time together enjoying a nice day out.

Academics that can’t apply for that job they want.

How would you feel if all of a sudden you were stopped from following YOUR dreams ?

What about if you couldn’t spend time with your family.

Who would take your children to school or the park.

What would you do all day ?

How would you earn money to pay the mortgage and bills?

What about food shopping?

The British Red Cross warned in 2018 that a UK-wide shortage of wheelchairs was leaving as many as 4 million people a year housebound and isolated, some of whom are terminally ill and are spending the last few months of their life trapped at home.

Below is the equity law put in place to make sure disabled people could live their life the same as everyone else . Somehow it’s not working , the chain is broken and we need to find that link and put it back together.

Up to 4 years someone can wait for an NHS electric wheelchair and that is if they qualify for one.

It’s heartbreaking to say that most people isolated at home , prisoners in their homes because they dont have access to a wheelchair or electric wheelchair.

They haven’t had a care worker to support them to use public transport.

Or a companion to go with them to a group to introduce them to everyone.


They get their hour outside in the fresh air everyday.

They have activities, courses etc etc

I’ve had no heating or hot water in my property since September 24th .

There’s a lady who can’t find suitable affordable accommodation so it means she is stuck in all the time.

It just doesn’t seem right or fair.

I don’t want to do self pity and I’m sure the people I talk about wouldn’t either……. I’m just saying we got the crappy deal in life ,we are just trying to get on with it in the best way we can. Don’t we deserve the right to access the world outside in an appropriate vehicle.

My goodness let’s cut the budget for ministers cars or second homes etc . Let us get our priorities right.


LET’S GIVE THEM FREEDOM AND INDEPENDENCE (oh my lord I’m sounding like William Wallace!)



Stay clear learner driver here!




Can’t see properly

Need someone just next to me

Trying to move forwards

The wheels stubbornly follow the slope to the left of us

I stop in time

Steer back up the incline

Watch out for where the road is cracked

It takes great skill to survive the journey intact

Once my wheels got stuck in a worn cracked grid

Out my chair I flew , face planted and slid

Avoiding getting poop on the wheels

Dog owners pick it up, think how it feels

The hardest task is finding the slopes

Too cross the road without falling out and a bone getting broke.

Some roads don’t have good enough slopes

So you play chicken with the cars by going on the roads

People with a pram coming up

Not enough space for two so I need to back up

Cars flying past on the main road

My head is pounding hard like it may explode

Sometimes I think it’s easier to stay at home

But then I’d be sad , depressed and very much alone

Driving in my chair is a skill I’ve got to learn

Meeting people, confidence, activities is an extra I can earn

Almost there at the shop

Feel like my hearts going to pop

Joanne Quinnell