• I can feel it in my water…..

    I can feel it in my water…..

    Exciting times ahead this year ! 1. I’m going to be a grandma (well mar mar joe ) in may. 2. We are fortunate enough to be getting a ground floor extension built. It’s been a nightmare having it built over Christmas but the builders are doing an amazing job. The ground floor extension will…

  • You Can Take a Horse To Water ……🐴

    You Can Take a Horse To Water ……🐴

    I rode through the illuminations YEAH !! A bit of a disaster at the start though 😩. I had all these light up balloons left over from Theos birthday Party and thought it would be a great idea to attatch them to the back of my bike. So we wanted to go northbound, the traffic…

  • My Dream 💭

    My Dream 💭

    I have always wanted to take my children travelling. I always thought that as they got older the camping trips would expand further a field to France, Denmark, Holland, Belgium etc. I wanted them to see the raw beauty of these places as I had when passing through whilst sailing or working there. With getting…

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