You Can Take a Horse To Water ……🐴

I rode through the illuminations YEAH !! A bit of a disaster at the start though 😩. I had all these light up balloons left over from Theos birthday Party and thought it would be a great idea to attatch them to the back of my bike.

So we wanted to go northbound, the traffic had stopped at the lights an ideal opportunity for us to get to the other side to join the cyclists going North. As soon as i set off …POP …. POP ….POP….POP so bloody embarrassing as everyone was watching. Not only that all the strings got tangled around my wheel !!

We didn’t get very far and I had to call hubby to come rescue us . He was on standby with the van ,tools, oxygen etc anyway lol.

We set off again. It was quite scary with so many people around and lights ! I don’t like lights! But I really wanted the children to experience the illuminations. To a child they are magical. Going on a night time adventure is exciting.

There were people speeding past and my heart was in my mouth a few times thinking that someone was going to get hurt but they were in control.

My 12 year old Sam was fantastic at helping keep an eye on his brothers as that was another worry. I only found out about the event yesterday so I didn’t have long to organise myself nor did I have long to worry,sometimes that’s the best way .

It’s a shame not to see many other hand cycles ,trikes or adapted bikes around there was a few but not many. Let’s see if we can change that next year maybe .

I encourage everyone out there who is reading this now to think of a person who may just need a little encouragement. You see it’s not a case of taking the horse to the water and the horse will drink, the horse needs to be taught…. Just as a person who is really poorly may need a drip for nourishment to get stronger. Go to that person who perhaps was once a friend or is a relative and help them to start taking baby steps. Help them to start getting some enjoyment out of life and to see that can still do things but a little differently. Help them not to feel isolated and alone.

This will help with gaining strength and inspire people to maybe be brave and give things a go.

Companies that sell mobility equipment need to be pushing a more outdoor active range at more competitive costs. Businesses need to be accommodating to wheelchair users even actively encouraging them.

With so many talented people out there ,you should be able to create anything that enables people to be able to enjoy the life they used to enjoy for as long as they can physically endure.

All the equipment in the world isn’t going to change the horrible illness that cripples our bodes. Let me tell you it’s not always about us it’s about our loved ones needing a mother ,father sibling to be spending time as a family unit.

I know we all live in a busy world but we should look out for our friends, family and each other.πŸ˜πŸ‘

Just a thought.

Much love and happiness.

JπŸ’“e 😁

Don’t You Cry …..πŸ’¦

I’m not going to lie, this is going to be a very emotionally charged blog with some colourful language. If you are easily offended please don’t read any further…..

My quest for more independence has started off very rocky indeed.

I’m honestly feeling like someone’s having a laugh throwing things in my way, like the Trueman show with Jim Carey , just to see how I respond to situations.

I’m writing this listening to Don’t Cry – Guns and Roses (Well it was on when i started writing) . I actually want that song played at my funeral . Not to be morbid but for everyone to remember good times. I try my best in situations to always take the positive and not dwell on the negatives but sometimes……

So it was a very last minute camping trip as it was my daughter’s 18th birthday Party and we are skint.

We scraped the pennies together and booked our favourite place Haven Lakeland.

Before i go any further I have to say that everything that has gone wrong has nothing to do with the site ( apart from the dickheads that must have misread and thought their tent was sound proof as well as waterproof as they partied, argued etc til gone 3 most mornings ) You always get them . Haven Lakeland is still fab and they are improving, modernising facilities all the time. I 100% recommend it to everyone.

So hubby drove us up on Wednesday . Set the tent up and got all the sleeping gear out etc . He then left us to it. He has to work still and he hates camping and bitches and moans all the time about how miserable he is and everyone knows about it so everyone becomes miserable.

Annabelle is nearly 15 then I have Sam 12 Theo 9 Denzel 7 . They know they have to help me and they have been bloody amazing.

The one with the stripey top is a member of staff we met from last year . She doesn’t work here anymore but came to go swimming with the kids because they needed an adult.😁

So Wednesday afternoon I noticed the middle tube on our 8 man tent getting floppy, it was deflating. We (Sam) checked the valve , repumped but it went floppy again☹

Tried contacting Gelert for support regarding spare parts but no response from them .

We thought we’d best try repairing it . We got some gaffe tape from the lovely warden. We found that the valve had small fractures around it. The tape didn’t stop it but it slowed it.

The rain started and it leaked through the tent too. The tent isn’t even that old. I bought it from sports direct it’s a gelert bala 8. It’s an air tent and was bought to make camping easier but it seems that the quality is rubbish.

We get to Saturday and the the zip to close the door on the tent is now broken and I’m actually thinking that it’s a bad dream .

Tuesday 10th April

So we got home …… my whole body aching from having to use my manual wheelchair with the kids and me all taking turns with the pushing.

My Legs are still shaking from being cold for days

The kids don’t seem to feel it the same and that’s all that matters is that they had a good time.

I have learnt to smile even though I often feel like crying . Oh i felt like crying everyday this camping trip. I’ve become an expert this last 7 years. Hence the title of the blog ‘don’t cry’.

Put a mask on for the sake of those you love dearly. It’s not fair that they suffer because you are. It takes a lot of energy but I love them.

Every day that I’m breathing I’ll keep trying to get involved as much as i can .

People often say to people who are disabled or have a chronic illness, you look well etc but that’s because we have some makeup and a smile on our faces. Oh and we got dressed lol.

On reflection my kids had a great time

That’s all that matters. I will recover. Hopefully Gelert will repair our tent and we can plan our next one πŸ‘

I don’t want my kids to cry over me just remember GOOD times and we are going to have plenty still.

*excuse grammar spelling so tired


So after several messages, tweets, Facebook posts Gelert finally got back to me about a replacement tube for my tent which has only been used a handful of times and was just out of warranty. Gelert only responded once via this email then nothing.

I have ALWAYS expected more than 12 months out of a tent and I also think that a tent should be build to withstand elements etc and bloody last more than 4 trips before falling apart. I tried asking and asking for the manufacturer of the tent but GELERT won’t provide that .

The problem was the actual valve where you blow the tube up it fractured almost and the others look like they are showing signs of doing the same.

I have been asking and asking Gelert about purchasing replacement tubes as the tent is supposed to make our lives easier and last us for years to come . I can’t afford a new one. The Gelert bala air tent range haven’t been out that long either .

This was the message I recieved…….

The family tent I invested in to make our lives easier is now turning out to be a heap of rubbish and the customer service from Gelert is appalling.


Joanne Quinnell