Please Daddy, Mummy wake Up !!!

What are we going to do ?

I’m talking to everyone, that includes you.

We can’t go on living this way ,

Locked away in our houses watching our lives fade away.

Refusal of a drug on trial that doesn’t work,

But without it you can’t socialise or find a job to work.

People are dying from these drugs but we do nothing and turn a blind eye.

Doctors you should be ashamed of yourself that oath is tainted with the biggest lie.

The world is changing our leaders are puppets not in control doing what they are told.

We are casualties in this war ,mass genocide, depopulation, the great reset whether young or old.

Do you see what is happening yet ? Are you awake ? Or are you going to just let this happen,

Watch thousands be murdered our children too all for the industrial revolution.

We can stop this if we unite on a global scale,

Stop letting them control us. Listen to your hearts your souls their plan will fail.

Joanne Quinnell

A d

Has The World Gone Mad?

The world has gone mad !

These covid 19 restrictions are making me sad.

I’m no mathematician but the numbers just don’t make sense.

Sure it’s a nasty virus but it’s fatal to less than 1 percent .

So please tell me why we are being told to stay home ?

The only contact allowed with family and friends is over the phone.

No cuddles with grandkids or trips to the park,

Just distance between people at least 2 metres apart.

Treatments stopped at hospitals leaving people seriously ill or in pain.

If you really think that this is all because of a virus you need to think again .

Look up the Great Reset , the 4th revolution that has been planned.

You will own nothing! No property or land .

Bringing out vaccines that change your dna to test on you like a rat .

Just remember that you have been warned about that !!!!

You can say “no” and take back control.

United we stand strong and let’s declare freedom for all !!

Joanne Quinnell