Nearly met the big guy….

In October our family’s world was turned upside down by covid.

Very rapidly my husband and me became seriously ill. We both had to go into hospital and fight for our lives .

My husband although still poorly managed to get home after a week, I had to be put in a coma for 5 weeks. Seven months later I finally managed to get home too.
Thanks so much to all the staff at Blackpool Victoria Hospital, Blackburn hospital, the Sue Ryder Neurological centre and family. Everyone’s kind thoughts and gestures will never be forgotten……bless you all very much .
I’m still unwell and have to have care staff four times a day but I’m alive and getting stronger and most importantly with my family .

Just to be clear our position remains strong regarding the vaccines. We never had or never will have these vaccinations that are causing injuries to 1000’s of people.

Im not anti vax infact my family and me have had all our injections except this one. I just object to taking part in a huge experiment on humanity.

It’s hard as im left with more disabilities after having covid but im alive so im so grateful for this.

I get to see my children and grandchildren and husband and there’s no greater miracle than that it’s all i need and I will work out a way to get the best out of my useless body, i like a challenge.

Stay strong and safe and be true to yourself.

Joanne Quinnell

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