Change, Unity, Wakeup

What is happening?

The world has gone crazy!

The Queen’s apparently abdicated,

Hello to a possible King John III it’s meant to be prophecy.

Donald Trump is Draining the swamp ,

All those wicked politicians and senators will be gone.

Patriots and digital warriors are spreading the news,

Listen, can you hear them wake up please don’t be fooled.

As the main stream media are complicit in  waging a war ,

Hand in hand with the deepstate who’ll soon be no more.

Stirring up trouble between blacks and whites,

Protests ,vandalism ,violence and more loss of lives .

Remember what is so different but the colour of your skin?

We’re equal, your body’s only a vessel your mind is held in.

Started all over a mysterious man made  plague ….

Called covid 19  which is being  handled terribly im afraid.

Disinformation ,lockdowns and businesses made to close,

Mortgages unpaid,  bankruptcy and demands from food banks grows.

Look around you,wake up, there is a change going on,

A New World Order a Fourth Industrial revolution we must resist it doesn’t belong.

So stand strong, hold the line don’t worry if you fall….

Because we’ll catch you Where We One We Go All 💓

Joanne Quinnell

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