Twenty Years Ago Today !!

The gifts to celebrate twenty years off marriage

Are china, platinum or the gemstone emerald if you’re rich.

I’m just grateful we got to this day

As twenty years ago, the whole day nearly got thrown away.

You see thirty four weeks pregnant and I was waddling around

Contractions clearly on the monitor going up and down

Stuck in the hospital on the eve of my wedding

Uncertainty, however I was determined legs crossed it would be happening

The Doctors said we will see how you go

Then I slipped in the bathroom trying to shave my legs oh no !

Luckily there was no further injuries

Just a waiting game to see if I was going to become a mum or a Mrs

The morning came the Dr said, “there’s not much happening below love you’d better go get into your dress !”

I waddled along and got in a taxi

Thankfully my sister in law was there to help dress me.

A simple wedding on such a beautiful, glorious day

I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Joanne Quinnell

March 11th 2020

Me prior to meeting hubby . Sailing, abseiling a life of adventure
My husband is a master of martial arts. He’s the one in the middle .
Hubby and me

My children
My children and father in law

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