Stay clear learner driver here!




Can’t see properly

Need someone just next to me

Trying to move forwards

The wheels stubbornly follow the slope to the left of us

I stop in time

Steer back up the incline

Watch out for where the road is cracked

It takes great skill to survive the journey intact

Once my wheels got stuck in a worn cracked grid

Out my chair I flew , face planted and slid

Avoiding getting poop on the wheels

Dog owners pick it up, think how it feels

The hardest task is finding the slopes

Too cross the road without falling out and a bone getting broke.

Some roads don’t have good enough slopes

So you play chicken with the cars by going on the roads

People with a pram coming up

Not enough space for two so I need to back up

Cars flying past on the main road

My head is pounding hard like it may explode

Sometimes I think it’s easier to stay at home

But then I’d be sad , depressed and very much alone

Driving in my chair is a skill I’ve got to learn

Meeting people, confidence, activities is an extra I can earn

Almost there at the shop

Feel like my hearts going to pop

Joanne Quinnell