I Don’t Want To Play…

I’m clinging by a thread,

All these emotions in my head,

Sometimes I wish I was dead,

No ! Get that thought out of my head.

Can’t Stand being in all of this pain,

All these thoughts going through my brain.

So i go to the doctors again,

But the bloody answers always the same.

“Im sorry there’s nothing we can do”,

He says, ” I empathise with what you are going through.”

He prescribed me another pill or two,

“Its the best i can do for you.”

Im thinking, Doctor I don’t need another pill,

I desperately want to know why i’m so ill.

If you could find that out it would be brill,

Then make a wonderful magic pill.

Oh who am I kidding this is it,

My whole bleeding life has turned to shit,

Will have to make a new one bit by bit,

Find out how all the pieces fit.

Maybe once day I could be happy again,

Learn how to cope with all this pain,

Things will never be the same,

I need to learn a brand new game.


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