Once upon a time…..

One day I got ill ,so I went to the doctors and he gave me a pill.

He said ‘take one of these 3 times a day and all your problems will go away!’

No doctor you aren’t listening to me my body has these spasms they are so painful you see.

It’s really not the answer and I don’t want to take a pill,

I just need to stop this illness this disease because it’s making me so ill.

He started with a sigh a sigh I’ve heard before ,there is no magic test…..

The vibes that he was big I was small he was strong I weak and of course that he knew best.

I reluctantly agreed to take the tablets as there were no choices to be had,

Lots of painful memories already torturing my mind about the fun I used to have.

The pills weren’t working so I went back again.

Little did I know it would be exactly the same.

Before i knew it I was on so much medication,

My mind was so spaced out it was on pharmaceutical vacation.

My life was like a whirlpool of appointments, children, feelings of guilt,

The failures I felt as a person ,mother a wife my little life that I’d built.

I’d lost all control of everything my independence has gone,

No freedom of choice and I couldn’t see a future well not a good one.

A mask I wore so no one knew,

Trying to protect those special few.

Oh Pain pain please go away,

There must be more to life I can’t carry on this way .

Joanne Quinnell

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