Thanks SkyF1 NOT !!!!!

Well thankyou sky tv

You have ruined 2019 now for me !!

Making us pay to watch F1 on the TV

Do you think we are all have a money tree

How I’m going to miss the thrill

It’s been the only excitement I’ve had at times when I’ve been ill

Now I’ll miss the action

Oh and to see if Ferrari’s team principle Maurizio ever smiles or gives a reaction.

Oh I love Riccardo’s smile

Teeth so perfect, bright, big my eyes are blinded for awhile.

Young Pierre Gasly moving to Red Bull

With him and Max next year that team is going to be far from dull.

Gasly the mini wolverine with that facial hair a growing

Max the lion with an orange helmet a beacon a glowing

Get the trophies boys and work as a team

It’s a shame that someone can’t put the races on live stream.

Wow Vettel singing after his Belgium win

….and he smiled what came over him !

It’s so unfair it’s becoming a rich mans sport

You dont give two hoots about the fans just the money you get for it.


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