I’m Talking About 💩 Again…..

Sorry I know the title is really childish but I just couldn’t resist🤣.

The other day I was talking to someone about the one thing at home that would make a difference to help me function and cope better with my illness and disabilities 🤔. There are quite a few things but at the top of the list ……

……Yes a toilet !! Look at that beautiful, shiny, gorgeous toilet. It’s a stunning piece almost too beautiful to use even. I’d be really happy with just a plain white one.👍

You see over the last 7 years my earthly friends have been replaced by either objects that I’ve had to use and depend on daily to keep me going and my animals who are the best company…… you get the picture🐱🐶.

One of the objects that I purchased about 12 years ago has had it’s money’s worth and has to be my closest companion at home. Let me introduce you to my beloved…

Kampa Kaza camping toilet!

We have no toilet downstairs in our house and it’s always been a bit of a problem. A problem because there’s no where private to go when i need to.

My children are kind of used to it now but it’s always been an issue with inviting other kids over for obvious reasons. This has meant that none of the kids really have much social interaction outside school well the younger ones anyway.

A few years ago we were lucky enough to get a stairlift put in but I don’t know if anyone has seen how slow they go ……we are talking painfully slow…. plus because my stairs are narrow and my leg thigh length is too big for it, my legs keep getting caught at the top. Can you imagine what it’s like if you are desperate to get to the toilet and the stair lift alarm is going off because you have stopped and you are desperately trying to detangle the mess your legs are in . Yes it’s not a pretty picture.

Things you took for granted once become a military operation to get to .

My kampa kazi toilet serves me well . It’s important never to lose sight of the luxuries you do have. You need to take great care of them.

Men/boys lift the lids up when you pee in them .

Kids when you finish a roll of toilet roll then put it in the bin and put a new one on 😬

If anyone marks the seat clean it with a disinfectant wipe.

Kids flush the toilet, it’s safe and allowed 😉. You aren’t going to get sucked down there into the sewers with the crocodiles and ninja turtles.

Dad’s it’s a luxury for everyone, you aren’t entitled to go in the bathroom and hide for 45 mins pretending to push 😤 toilet hoggers!

Fingers crossed we get a toilet downstairs this year. It would make such a difference to me. It will be nice for the children to have friends round too .

Joanne 😘

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