Superhero Tri Dorney Lake Windsor 18th of August 2018

At the Superherotri,

You dont really need to fly!

Just put on a mask and cape,

Have fun at Dorney Lake.

There are a few events ,

1st, 5th or last place, don’t matter, just reach the end.

I’m with TeamBrit,

Racing car drivers dropping tools and coming from the pit.

I can’t wait to attend,

On 18th of August next weekend.

Team Brit are raising money,

For kartforce who help ex military.

Lots of charities being supported that day,

Young and old superheroes swimming, running and cycling in their own powerful way!!

Joanne Quinnell

Please support this worthy cause at Lake Dorney Windsor on August 18th .

If you would like to sponsor me from TeamBrit

To find any of the other teams just follow this link to superhero tri and flick through

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