Help the Superhero Complete Her Challenge ………

On the 18th of August I’m doing the at Lake Dorney Windsor . I’m not sure how I got involved in it but it came about at a time in my life that has probably helped me so much.

I know that some of you know my story but a very quick recap for those who don’t.

I’m a 43 year old mum of 6. Nearly 8 years ago now I got very sick. Neurological, muscle spasms, vertigo,cluster headaches, vocal chord dysfunction etc etc ……..all at once . I couldn’t walk in the end I am so unsteady , my back spasms and I get very breathless.

I was put on very strong pain killers oxycontin 60mg in the morning and at night except they didn’t kill the pain, they just killed my mind. So I couldn’t move and I was like a zombie.

It was like this for about 4/5 years and I said that enough was enough after going round in circles trying to chase a diagnosis so that I could be put on the right “medication” to “help” me, I wasn’t waiting a minute longer.

During those years my husband had to do everything and try and work too. My children missed out on a childhood and the social care in my area is poor so we were isolated .

We had no support from schools . Charities lets not go there ( that’s a whole other blog about children’s services business’s / charities) . My kids lost out ,I’ll feel guilty about that for the rest of my life.

So i had a complete medication change and finally was diagnosed with vocal cord dysfunction which had been causing the breathlessness and choking episodes etc. The solution is to wear my ventilator when im exercising which helps keep my breathing in rhythm and throat open.

So since the beginning of the year I have been trying to go to the gym everyday ,with 2 ultimate goals in mind . To be able to ride a handcycle with the children and to use a manual wheelchair.

I used to be really active before I got sick. I loved going to the gym. I would put the kids in the creche for an hour and go to a spinning class 3 times a week then a Pilates on a Friday. At weekends we’d go walking and I loved camping. We were an outdoors family.

That first time going into the gym was the hardest. But I had lots of support and I was determined. I am determined. Even when I’ve done the my journey isn’t over, it’s at the very start. I still have to keep building my strength up . I still need to keep losing the inches. I’m trying to get a support group for families and young carers in our area organised

The main thing is focusing on being a family again. It’s difficult to know what positions we are in the family. I often feel fairly useless .

It may not seem like a lot to some people but I’m as chuffed as anything to be doing it . Even if it takes me all night I’ll complete the 20km it’s more than the distance. It’s about mending a broken dream same as for the charity I’m raising money for

I’m honoured to be racing with TeamBrit

Jamie Falvey is my captain.

Really looking forwards to seeing all the other superheroes there and as long as we all have fun then everyone will be a winner πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ†

If you do want to sponsor me please being follow the link below

Thankyou so much


3 responses to “Help the Superhero Complete Her Challenge ………”

  1. Can you tell me what kind of doctor diagnosed you with vocal cord dysfunction? Has the ventilator helped?


    1. Hi Lana
      Yes it took a long time to be diagnosed. My symptoms were hoarse voice ,power gone in projection, I couldn’t sing or shout after awhile, it’s like my voice and lungs got tired. Choking. Lump in throat. l also feel like i forget how to breathe and get breathless when doing nothing.
      I was referred to wythenshawe hospital because they picked up on me stopping breathing at night and I was diagnosed with central sleep apnea.
      I kept telling them that I was also breathless in the daytime


  2. Sorry pressed reply too soon.
    Eventually a doctor at wythenshawe suspected it and I went to speech and language there and had swallowing test then had another test where they stick a camera up your nose and look at your throat. They could see mine spasming clearly on the test.
    Preston hospital have a special unit apparently.
    Yes the ventilator helps me . I couldn’t exercise at all without it.
    I was diagnosed with indigestion, dry throat before they finally did this proper test to confirm it.
    Sorry about the long post 😊Feel free to message again.


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