Is it a Bird ,is it a Plane ?????

No it’s going to be me flying down Fleetwood Beach in one of these beauties👇👇👇

Can you imagine how much fun I could have in this? I might attach a kite to it so I can really go fast (just kidding) but it would be nice to sit on the beach and fly a kite with the kids.

I can help to build sandcastles and then kick them down at the end .

Oh I’d have the bonus of the best sunbathing chair whilst we have a snooze after eating sandy salty gritty sandwiches.😬

The best bit is that I can take my socks and shoes off and dip my feet in the sea panicking that everything touching my toes is a crab or jellyfish.

All I can do at the moment is sit at the top and watch the children play and hear their faint laughter in the wind. At least they are having fun but I’m not part of it and it upsets me.

These Beach wheelchairs can be a reality for Fleetwood . They can be there for disabled and less abled people of all ages to enjoy . We just need to work together as community to get the service up and running and then maintain it.

I think you might agree it would be worth the effort though as 🎼We all like to be besides the seaside ,we all like to be besides the sea🎶 Ok too cheesy I know but it’s true and I bet you are singing that song in your head now ,just like me when writing this. 🤪

If you you can offer a couple of hours of your time to support this service to get up and running that would be amazing. Please contact

We can do this as a team as neighbours as a community. Please share to raise awareness so everyone gets to hear this super exciting news.

I can’t wait . I know I’m the mummy but the first thing im going to do is put my feet in the sea whilst the waves are coming in, the kids can jump them I’ll happily let the sea water spash and soak my feet and listen and see the smiles and laughter on my family’s faces .

Joanne Quinnell

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