The Life of a Young Carer…..

“Mum..mum ,the sun’s out can we go to the park to play ?”

“YES MUM” piped up my 9 year old in a cocky but hopeful way”.

They whined, “We were in all day yesterday!”

I’m sat in my chair that is moulded to my shape,

About to say the words I had become to hate.

“I’m sorry kids we can’t go out today “,

“Mummy’s in really bad pain that won’t go away!”

As I say these words tears roll down my face.

They think the pain that’s in my body is the cause,

But I feel so bad for my children; so much guilt so much remorse.

“Ok ” I shout ,” call your big sister down.”

They’ll all have to help but maybe we can get to the park somehow.

“What do you want mum ,I’m doing homework?!”

Oh no, I’ve said it now, the kids are excited, they are going to go berserk.

“Your Dad’s at work and I need a hand”.

She gives out a sigh but surrenders to her brother’s demands.

Dressed and shoes on ready to go.

“Hang on a minute mum , dad said i had to remember to turn the slow cooker to low.”

Joanne Quinnell

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