Broken Promises

Please help I’ve got no control!

This isn’t how life’s supposed to roll.

It’s meant to be perfect like jelly and icecream,

Instead I wake crying like it’s all a bad dream.

You were the one crying all those years ago ,

Oh and pooping and puking constantly on your babygro.

Your sister threw a beaker on your head once, maybe that’s where it started.

Cos a few years later in the same shop, you threw the biggest tantrum ,stripped off and raspberry farted.

It’s not really you it’s just your turn,

This didn’t happen in the Waltons though , why didn’t I learn?

Such beautiful babies I am so blessed,

Yet I Just seem to be the one making everyone’s lives a mess.

If I’d have known what was to be I’d have put things in place,

Made sure that we had a much bigger living space.

The fustration I feel every day,

That I’m letting the ones I love the most down in so many ways.

Not holding hands when walking to school,

Or splashing around in a swimming pool.

You can’t even have friends visit round to play,

As there’s a camping toilet downstairs for me to use in the hallway.

Your childhoods’ robbed by illness it’s wrong,

The fustration I feel, the burden I am makes me wonder if i belong .

I never wanted this role reversal of care ,

Families need support there isn’t any out there.

I’ve asked for help but even charities turn us away.

It’s so hard being a mum and sick getting through everyday.

I promised you the world but gave you the garden,

I know it’s a disappointment so I beg you your pardon.

I promise you this though I’ll never stop trying,

To get stronger each day and to keep on fighting.

Joanne Quinnell

For my babies

Believe and you will achieve. Never give up.

Parent run support group for young carers and their families in Fleetwood Wyre and Fylde . Currently their is very little social community support.

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