How many people have had a proper wheelchair assessment?

Hi I’m trying to raise awareness for young carers in my area and also their families. I strongly believe that one of the main problems that we have is that families are being forgotten and also the poor lack of equipment that they are provided with to replace the parts of their bodies that don’t function , so that just maybe they can do some of the activities that they were familiar with and be more independent.

This would break the cycle of social isolation. Create more independence , healthier lifestyle and enjoyment for the user.

We have a major issue with our road all across Britain. They are appalling. Lowered pavements aren’t really lowered.

Nobody wants to or should be stuck in their houses all day. People need access to equipment. The NHS ones provided aren’t fit for purpose in many cases.

Lots of people haven’t had a proper wheelchair assessment. Below is what is supposed to happen. Please share your experiences.

When you are invited to Wheelchair Services you should receive a full assessment of your needs.

This may be undertaken by a specialist OT and possibly a wheelchair engineer if modifications are required.

They will take leg and body measurements, check your upper body strength and ability to transfer into the wheelchair to try to establish the best wheelchair for you.

There are a multitude of decisions to be made….such as…..

  • Manual or electric
  • Self propel or carer driven
  • Folding or fixed frame
  • Fixed or quick release wheels
  • Solid or pneumatic tyres

No one type fits all!

Ideally, they should take into account all your needs including how often you will use the wheelchair and where you will use it.

But as with everything in life their choice may be a compromise – especially if you are a full time wheelchair user as no one wheelchair can deal with every mobility challenge!

Whatever their decision the wheelchair or buggy chosen for you will remain the property of the NHS and they will be responsible for servicing and maintenance.

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