Just an idea….

Ideas to throw out there to help with social isolation due to disabilities or long term health conditions ……

  • Heath centres that have gyms connected to them so that people can exercise but be reassured that they are in a place of assistance should it be needed.
  • Physiotherapist to work alongside personal trainers in the gym. The gym is a better atmosphere. Physiotherapists need to take a back seat and just check in and be there for injuries but actually treat them forget the no hands on approach.
  • Provide more appropriate wheelchairs for users. You wouldn’t wear sandals in the snow (unless you are Cody Lundin)
  • Perhaps it would be cheaper to manufacture the wheelchairs yourself instead of buying them at ridiculous pumped up prices from companies making ridiculous amounts of money from disabled people who need these chairs.
  • This would save the nhs much needed money in two ways. First it wouldn’t be funding the chairs that it does for people and people might actually be able to get out and exercise and get healthier reducing hospital admissions.

It sounds too easy doesn’t it….

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