Lost in the Shopping Centre ….

I’m starting to sweat now. My frustration levels have increased. Not sure which way to go….

If i go that way potentially my situation could get worse the other might be more challenging physically but I might get there in the end or not.

The noise ….I can’t hear myself think whilst I’m trying to process all my thoughts, there are just too many and it’s making it difficult to think what to do at all.

My head is hurting because I’ve been trying to find the way. I have to keep stopping for oxygen . I get fustrated. I have to process thoughts and I just can’t do that very well anymore.

Right keep moving. Let’s find a way. Need to go up but the lift doesn’t work . How did I get down here? Seems so long ago now.

There’s people everywhere but nobody will help. I try to ask but my voice isn’t heard .

Why did I come here. Thought I would be brave and give it a go. I haven’t left the house in years ….why did I bother.

This wheelchair doesn’t work properly. Everything is in my way. My heart is beating hard and I’m struggling to breathe.

I’m panicking I don’t know what to do!!!!

I don’t know where to go!!!!

I wish I’d stayed at home in the the quiet…

I tried it ….I asked for help ….nobody heard ………..

I’m not going out again I can’t. It’s too much . Too much all to deal with. I want to but it’s not safe for me anymore .

I’ll stay at home…..

Joanne Quinnell

#socialisolation #communitysupport #disabilityawareness #youngcarerawareness

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