Yes An Ouch Can Become an Oooohhh😍😍😍

Be very careful
When the glass is broken,
It goes everywhere.

It can cut your fingers,
Or maybe your toes
If your feet are bear.

You can stick it together,
But you’ll always see the cracks.

Some scars never heal,
You never forget all the facts.

You will always know,
How different you once were.

How you once stood tall and slim,
All clear and with fresh skin.

It’s not all bad as you may think,
As these days it’s trendy this upcycling thing!

You can try new things Give them a go.
Colour your hair or try sledging in snow!

In time the cracks will blend right in,
Just like it’s some kind of a designer thing.

You’ll feel strong and beautiful once more,
A true inspiration on display not broken on the floor.

Joanne Quinnell

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