Is That Mountain Just Too High To Conquer…

I am just one

I’m weak ,I normally do things alone.

I don’t like to ask

I’d rather hide behind my mask

Rather than make eye contact I’ll look at my phone

I look In the mirror and I’m shocked

I’m so different

So weak and so rocked

By this person I’ve become

I’m no longer the mother I once was

In sickness and in health it feels like my husband’s doing his duty

I’ve forgotten what it feels like to be treated normally

All roles have changed and I don’t fit in

I can’t walk the dogs or just go off camping.

Trying to help others but the resources aren’t there

I keep asking for help but nobody cares

It’s like a bad joke as the harder i try

The harder the mountain is that I need to climb.

What is the answer have I done something wrong

Maybe this is my punishment for past sins

All I know is that I’m reaching my limits

This mountain is too hard to climb

But don’t know how this time

My mask is falling apart

Not gonna let my children see what’s underneath as I love them with all my heart.

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