Hang My Gloves Up šŸ„ŠšŸ„ŠšŸ¤”

I Just want to hide back in my chair. I may as well be taking the 60mg oxycontin twice a day and just sit and wait to die.

I can honestly say that nobody tries as hard as I have to attempt to pull together some of the remaining years of my kids’ childhoods. Nothing is more important to me than being a mum.

What the hell is the point of encouragement to live a normal life be active with our families if you can’t afford the proper equipment safe equipment to do that.

You balance benefits between car, living and equipment you can’t have it all. My husband is carer and working but he can’t work as much because he’s doing stuff I can’t.

So for the second time I have an accident in my electric wheelchair. I had to buy it myself of eBay. It was the best i could afford at the time and it says in the description that it is more robust and can cope with uneven ground. Unfortunately I didn’t take into consideration potholes, slopes, mud, cracks , non lowered pavements etc.

The nhs provided me with a manuel wheelchair which is something I’m hoping to work up to but i have a breathing problems so on exertion i struggle . Also it’s not all terrain so again useless for this area although I have been using it when i can.

I fell off the kerb on the road , head first , in my scooter . I’ve hurt my shoulder and arm again.

I phoned my support worker and got told there was no chance of getting a more suitable wheelchair.

I don’t want to use the electric chair again it’s been an accident waiting to happen. I said that i was going to be stuck in all summer again. I got told to get my family members to push me. My children are 7,9,12 and 14 and I don’t think physically that would be appropriate.

I’m not looking for sympathy or anything from anyone. But just any fucking doctor or health officials or any other fucker asks why aren’t you doing more to help yourself well I’m actually trying and I still will . My poor kids are going to have another shit summer though because mum can’t join them again or because mum can’t take them again.

I do apologise for language. I’m really upset and angry and in pain .


2 thoughts on “Hang My Gloves Up šŸ„ŠšŸ„ŠšŸ¤”

  1. Ah Joanne , this is not right, you have worked so damned hard.
    This sounds silly because Iā€™m sure you have contacted your MP.. what about a Go Fundme page.
    Thinking of you . Love Tina. X


  2. There literally is nothing. I got told that there’s no point asking as people with no legs can’t even get one so I’ve got no chance. I don’t mind asking for support for others but struggle for me. It just doesn’t sit well that the fucking system isn’t right again so for every person that does get donations for a chair there’s someone at home stuck. People should realise that these things aren’t fashion accessories for us.
    Don’t worry it’s not broken me just put a huge hurdle in my way.
    Hope you are ok xxxxxxx


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