Loneliness is desert like with vast feelings and quantities of nothing.

Nothiningness is when you feel that you aren’t worth discovering.

Discovery is essential when searching for that friend .


How can I break these feelings of nothingness so my loneliness can end.


Written by me when i was 17 just when i was beginning my exciting life.

I had someone there for me the children in Fleetwood Wyre and Fylde that perhaps could do with that bit of extra support because of social circumstances aren’t getting it.

There isn’t anywhere for families to go and rebuild their lives after mum or dad gets sick.

There aren’t any youth clubs (that I have found)

I was 17 when i wrote that . Luckily I met Gramps (obviously a nickname, I’ll tell you about him another day ). I’m strong now . I’m a survivor. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s been taken under someone’s wing.

I’m calling that favour back asking you to help raise awareness.


Please share….

I’m asking you your help. In fact I’m begging for it. I really don’t know where else to turn and im just hoping that people will see this and support me with the huge task in hand by offering their expertise and time etc etc.

I became ill 7 years ago and as a mother my biggest concern was the emotion and mental health of my children. Their lives had changed dramatically and rapidly.

My husband reduced his hours at work to do most of household chores etc but if he was working, i had to rely on the children for bits and bobs.

I thought it would be a good idea to contact ‘young carers’ organisations as at least then they would be to meet other children and families in similar situations.

We had gone from being very socially and physically active, to becoming prisoners in our home. Entertained by modern technology, my biggest enemy I swore would always be limited and controlled ,had taken over.

You see not everyone has extended family that can help. It was just my husband,children and me so i thought it would be good to draw on resources from our area.

I’m sorry to say that the resources to support young carers and families like mine aren’t there.

If we live a mile or two closer to Blackpool it would be different. There would be access to an abundance of support.

We have been struggling for 6 years with no support and it’s only due to medication change that I’m feeling a little more functional to be able to write this.

Also i have got an enhanced comunity support worker who is helping build my confidence back up again to do things.

Truthfully I’m not bothered about me I’m bothered about my children. Their lives changing from what they had must had must been hard no matter how much we have tried to compensate. There has been lots they have missed out on .

I am sure our family isn’t unique. I’m sure that there are other families out there who are in similar situations.

As parents who have a disability or a chronic illness we need help to your confidence in ourselves that we can still parent well with our illness or disability ..

(not easy for me to write this but i feel i need to say it so that you all know how much this support would mean to people )

How you can still enjoy activities together as a family even though the dynamics have changed.

Please can someone, anyone, everyone please help me set something up in this area for these families?

I am a strong person and being ill and isolated has been an experience i want no other to feel. I’m trying to start to find the pieces to rebuild myself so i really need advice support and help to do this.



The Quinn’s 😁

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