Fleetwood Wyre and Fylde ๐Ÿ“ฃOur Vision ๐Ÿ‘“ and How to Make it a Reality.

You may not be aware but we are living in an area that doesn’t have hardly any support for young carers or isolated disabled people or families. We would like to change this and we’d really like your support.

We don’t just want to set up a small group .The hope long term would be to set up a small community, similar to what blackpool young carers have who are supported by carers trust http://www.blackpoolcarers.org/young-carers/ take a look it’s fantastic what they do .

Also the boat house a charity in Blackpool is another fantastic example http://www.thebhy.co.uk/ for the children

If there was a place were people could go and have a brew , learn practical skills , cry, laugh but most of all learn that life doesn’t stop when your loved one becomes disabled or chronically ill.

Anyone that works with young carers , knows that it can be a demanding role . This may not always be so much physically but the emotional impact of a health condition of a family member on a child’s life can be enormous.

The children often at times do miss out socially and families do become isolated.

Let me give you examples perhaps child can’t go out with friends because they have to take care of ill parent. No going round to friends after school or weekends or them coming to yours . Can’t get out because parent hasn’t got a suitable wheelchair. Financial worries. Worries about leaving ill parent (separation anxiety) and so on…..

We thought for a start we could organise regular meet up sessions.

The whole point being is that the whole process of helping a Young Carers is by helping the whole family. If you help teach a parent to develop the mental, practical and emotional coping skills to deal with their illness then it helps the whole family to move forward.

If the parent has been inactive for a long time and wants to get back into exercise maybe a group to coincide with a young carers youth group would be beneficial.

There’s wheelchair exercise classes, dancing , just imagine if someone took the initiative in promoting something like that . There’s alsorts of funding available for disabled people to get active too so that could be explored further.

When I say this i need to explain. When you can’t do what you want to do anymore, the things you like doing and in fact you really can’t do very much for yourself anymore. It becomes very frustrating, for everyone involved . Especially when you have (or had) others depending on you. In fact you depend on them now.

Can you imagine the frustration a person feels losing their independence after being strong doing everything for themselves.

At the moment there isn’t anything in place of this kind in our area. Nothing for young carers or isolated disabled or chronically ill people.

Together we can change this and help each other to create a learning , safe but mostly fun community .

We would very much like YOU to be part of it so please get in touch.

We aren’t a charity i am just a mum who got sick 7 years ago who’s been asking for help but there wasn’t any there. My children are hurting . I can’t let this keep happening to them or to other families in the Fleetwood Wyre and Fylde area.



Thankyou for your time.

Joanne Quinnell and Nicola

Same Family New Adventures

Parent support group for young carers and their families in Fleetwood Wyre and Fylde .

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