Why I Jumped Off The Fence and Decided To Ride The Red Bull To The Finish Line…….

So if any of you have been following me on Twitter you will know that i am getting a little bit excited that the F1 season is building up to start.

I never used to be like this i used to hate watching sport on the TV. I thought it was a waste of time much to my husband’s dismay. My attitude was let’s get out doing things, never mind watching other people having fun chasing each other.

As mentioned in previous blogs i used to teach sailing and we had RIBs which are rigid hulled inflated top speed boats . We used these as safety boats to cover sessions on the water, and they were pretty fast, oh and the smell 😀 that’s probably why my lungs are srewed from breathing in engine fumes because i loved it. I also loved getting my hands dirty fixing boats and basic engine services etc at the different places i worked . But i did kinda find it boring to watch on TV (sorry everyone).

So fast forwards you all know that i became a prisoner in my own home. Confined to four walls. Trapped. Blah blah blah i was going to build it up a bit more because it was friggin horrible but we’ll be here all night and my arms hurt from the gym 😝and im just getting over the tail end of a migraine πŸ€•.

So i/we started watching a lot of TV . It was Jeremy Kyle for me in the day as a therapy . I just thought that my life’s bad but I’m not on there yet .

So yes you’ve guessed it we became F1 fans. When the races were on we would get all our treats together to see what excitement was going to happen that day.

At first naturally, i was a Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button fan. It was exciting to watch Lewis fight for the championship against Nico Rosberg. It was exciting to see all the different courses. My husband was besides himself

He’s like i told you it was good ,yeh yeh πŸ–•.

So Nico won and left i wasn’t really keen on him so i was fairly happy about that 😁

The Red Horses what can i say about them . Right from the start i was put off the team because they never bothered talking to the public. In fact i thought most of the time they were rude. Also i thought they were unfair on Kimi and Vettel is nice if he gets everything his way but winges and spits his dummy out if he doesn’t and that move on Hamilton πŸ˜” just shameful . So i have never backed Ferrari because even though i like Kimi he moans if he doesn’t get on the podium then moans about what position he got if he does πŸ€”. No pleasing some. I do like you though Kimi.

Then there’s RedBull. They may never win but i reckon that their team has provided us with the most action.

Mercedes has become boring to watch. Sit at the front. I know it takes skill i don’t doubt that but that follow my leader because I’ve got the better engine doesn’t do it for me .

Danny boy Riccardo. Always been a family favourite because 97% of the time no matter what shit he’s had to put up with over the seasons with cars breaking up etc you always see those pearly whites . He’s an all round nice guy and a bloody good driver and if he has the power and reliability and him and MAX work together, i reckon they could have a good chance this season. He’s a reliable honey badger πŸ˜‰πŸ€™

Next the fire cracker Max Verstappen πŸŽ‰As soon as i saw that kid i knew that one day he is going to be world champion. He is fearless. Spirited . He’s not as nice as Danny boy he’s firey so he does he doesn’t think and always mostly somehow pulls it off 🀠 it’s bloomin amazing to watch. He never gives up either trying to fight to get infront . It’s brilliant to see.

I also really like the way the team is run . Yes Toto Wolff is always friendly etc but i felt that often during the year when Nico won his championship, there was a lot of unfairness going on.

I may be blind to it but i haven’t seen anything like that in team RedBull apart from when the two boys had a bump πŸ’₯.

Christian Horner is just the nicest guy ever πŸ€—He seems so calm and happy to talk to anyone.

So this is why im supporting team Red Bull through and through. I’m really really hoping they can pull it out of the bag this season .

Really happy that Danniboy and Maximus are still driving for RedBull . #ibelieveyoucanflyπŸ‘ boys . Let’s make this season a good one.

Ps thankyou god for the pink ladies ! Love love love them . Force india to come second 😚

My kids do raindances every grand prix weekend πŸ•ΊπŸ’ƒπŸŒ§πŸŒͺ🌀🌦(sorry the rest of the UK it was us ) As we know it’ll give the Red Bull team a fighting chance.

Anyway wishing EVERYONE a safe season

An excited fan 😲

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