Just Out Of Reach …

Feeling a little pissed off ! I started this Twitter page and now blog for two reasons

1. As previously said i have been there and i have felt , i feel still . I know what having a chronic illness does to you and your relationships . Remember it’s only been this last few months that i have had a support worker so i (my family) were riding solo for a few years. I know that my children can’t have come through it undamaged. How could they ? Going from a very active lifestyle to nothing hardly .

I was conscious of this so i desperately seeked help and support. At one point one charity offered to take my 2 eldest to the Sandcastle for a day out but wouldn’t take the 3rd (who was the daughter and still is the one who helps me the most because it’s in her nature). I’d have paid . I said it’s all or none. You can’t leave children out. It wasn’t what i needed we needed anyway .

Hubby and I have endeavoured to get the children into local scouting groups when they became old enough so at least that was something. My poor hubby 😢I’m so lucky to have him . He does not stop from the minute he gets up until he goes to bed.

So it would be nice if we could meet other families in the same or similar situations (strength in numbers and all that)

I’m sure EVERYONE will agree with me that you lose the majority of your friends when you become ill . Well you find out who are TRUE friends and who are acquaintances. It’s just one of those things , their lives carry on yours car crashed!!!

It would be nice for our children to have help to develop social skills with other children and build their confidence maybe youth groups .

It would be great for disabled parents to go somewhere to build their confidence back up to be a parent again and for our families to become a functional unit in a safe environment .

2. The other reason for doing this to prevent others from feeling this way and to raise awareness about and get support for families in this area , it will help keep me focused and positive.

The reason why im bloody angry is that there’s lot’s of support for children, families just down the road but the families here can’t go. The old postcode lottery again . Why ?

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