I Triple Dare You…..

So i know for the last few days I’ve been annoying you all by challenging you to these races. I was kinda doing it to make a point to people that there are options out there if you look to continue doing the things you love. These things are hard to find but they are there.

As i mentioned in my previous blog i was in cuckoo land for a long time, in so much pain that i detached and was useless to everyone. This last few months with medication change I’m feeling like i can do a little more.

My motivation

They deserve a childhood. I need to salvage what i can.

I’ve started training in the Gym everyday. I found the personal trainer who used to teach me spinning before i got sick (he thought i was stalking him 😢). I look blooming ridiculous sat in the corner in my wheelchair, pink Dr Martins and green hair with my ventilator on which sounds like Darth Vader . It’s ok if i get in a rhythm (on the hand cycle) and with my breathing but if i choke on my dribbles 😟 or start wretching then it sound like a hurricane in the corner oh and i have to wear an eye mask or the lights will start me off 😣

I haven’t been able to exercise before because of not being able to breathe, makes sense really.

I have set myself some personal challenges this year . I really want to somehow go proper camping with the kids .

I have also booked for myself and the 4 youngest children to go on an activities weekend at a place called Bendrigg Lodge in October. They specialise in activities for people of different abilities. I volunteered there when i was younger , i never imagined in a million years I’d be going back as a client ! I’ve been given a grant for half the cost which I’m so grateful of.

Ok I’m going to get to the point . Can we really have a race😍…. I’m training so hard. I know that im never going to be the way i was but im determined to get myself the best i can be possible.

Could you guys fit something into your schedules just to help raise awareness to encourage others to get involved ? I’d also love to raise money for Bendrigg Lodge and setting up a local young carers support group in this area as we have nothing. What do you reckon?

It would help so many people 😁

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